A Fountain of Useless Knowledge

September 10, 2008

On the way back from our trip to the Poconos on Labor Day, we stopped at the Crayola Factory in Easton PA. (I highly recommend it for kids of all ages — even the grown up variety!)

We attended the crayon-making demonstration almost immediately, as it was starting just a few minutes after we arrived. In addition to showing how the crayons are made, the host shared some Crayola history with us.  At one point, he held up a bright orangey-yellow crayon and started telling us that he would have a prize for anyone who could guess the name of the crayon’s color.  He said that it was the first color name chosen by a child, back in 1993 and started talking about the girl who had won the color-naming contest.

I said (to myself more than anyone else), “Oh, I know what it is.”

Trevor was standing next to me and asked me what it was.  I said that it was called “macaroni & cheese,” but that he was not to try and get the prize because he should let one of the younger kids win it.  Before I knew what he was doing, he told Sophia, who in turn raised her hand and won the prize.

After Dan took her up front to collect her prize (a few sample markers and crayons, plus a sample size pack of Modeling Magic clay), he returned to where we were standing.

“Who knew that it was macaroni & cheese?” he asked me.

“I did.”

“How did you know that?” he asked.  (I think he was impressed.  Then again, maybe he was just stunned.  After all, I’m the same woman who gets up from her desk in the den, walks 12-15 feet into the kitchen, and can’t remember why she went in there.)

“Because I’m a veritable fountain of useless knowledge,” I replied with a proud smile.

I have no idea why I remembered the name of the crayon.  Maybe because I was pregnant with Trevor at the time and all I could think was that some child would try to eat the crayon and see if it tasted like mac & cheese.  Maybe because I have always loved Crayola crayons, ever since I got my first pack of 64. 

The brain is such a strange thing…


One comment

  1. that is way cool! i know about that “can’t find anything right under my nose, but remember some trivial stuff that doesn’t make a difference!”

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