An Expensive Lesson in Veterinary Medicine (with Photo!)

August 10, 2008

Lately, I’ve noticed that Daisy’s chin seemed a bit swollen and wobbly. Also, she occasionally had a scab-like crust on it. I figured maybe Valentine had been biting her there in their almost daily tussles, but when it never cleared up, it was time to call the vet.

Daisy is a feline drama queen. When it comes time to put her in the mandatory cat carrier, she rolls herself into a ball and refuses to cooperate. The struggle usually ends with me setting the carrier on its end, putting her head inside it, and shoving on her rear end while gravity helps me out a little. Then the minute the door shuts the wailing starts. And it is constant. If I talk to her in soothing tones (or any tones, really), the wailing escalates in both volume and frequency.

Thankfully, we don’t live too far from the vet’s office. Once we got there and in an examining room, we had to take the carrier apart in order to get her out (oh yes!). She crouched down low, allowed me to pet her, and proceeded to lose about half of the fur on her body.

When the vet came in and looked at her chin, she offered her diagnosis in about 30 seconds flat. Feline acne. Yes, Daisy has a big ole’ zit on her chin. Who knew cats could get pimples?

So we got a little thing of antibiotic which I have to force into her mouth twice a day (which I’m sure will result in even more drama). We were in and out of there in about five minutes total.

And the bill? $65, which I am pretty sure is about as much as a dermatologist would charge me if I went in there with a pimple on my chin.




  1. Gosh, too back I hadn’t looked closely. I’ve gotten quite familiar with the stuff too with both the boys of the family. What a pain.

  2. Sounds like you (and Daisy) got off pretty easy this time. I started to notice those black things on my kitty’s (Bean) chin. I looked it up online and found out it is called feline acne. Probably came from the plastic food dish we used to feed our 3 cats from. We just got back from the vet. Bean has a very high temperature and a large cyst on her chin that needed to be drained. She also got 2 shots. One of antibiotic and an anti-inflamitory. And the bill? $251.

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