“The Diplomats”

August 9, 2008

A rambling journey through my past.

(A caveat for my Christian readers — please understand that at the point in my life when this took place, I was about as far from being saved as I could possibly be. In fact, I used to describe myself as “a devout atheist.”)

In my rebellious college years, I had a friend named Peggy. She was very smart, definitely offbeat, with a wicked sense of humor. We had so many adventures together — among them participating in two model OAS assemblies, attending George Bush’s 1988 inaugural ball, and joining our favorite history professor at happy hour every Friday. We called anyone we didn’t like a Fascist and we were devoted fans of all things British (most notably the TV show “Young Ones” and new wave music).

Here’s a picture of us with my favorite history professor at happy hour. She’s the one with the really big glasses. I’m the one with the really big (not to mention overprocessed) hair:

Yes, my eyes were closed.  Trust me, it’s probably better that way. Anyhow, everything in the 1980s was big. Get a load of the shoulder pads on my acid washed denim shirt. Not to mention my big rhinestone brooch. But I digress…

Well, one night while Peggy and I were severely under the influence of alcohol, we joked that we should start our own punk rock band. And, since we were both International Affairs majors with dreams of working for the State Department, we decided to call ourselves The Diplomats. (Witty, no?) I would have forgotten about this completely if I hadn’t recently discovered this envelope in the bottom of one of my drawers:

I can’t show you the contents because there is a lot of profanity. Whoo! A lot. I do believe I may have blushed as I was reading over the pages. The documents in this envelope are song titles and even lyrics for some of our imaginary band’s songs. Because I want to keep my “G” rating, I’ll only share some of our tamer material.

Militant Pacifist
Wealth, Power and Fame (Is All I Want)
Everything’s a Pseudo Something
What’s the Point?

And my favorite song title, which brought about this post…

August Sucks and So Do You.

See, I’ve never been a fan of the month of August. There are no holidays, it’s really hot, and at this point nearly everyone is pretty much ready for summer to be over.

Here’s a brief lyric excerpt from this song…

It’s hot…
It’s humid and hazy
It’s hot…
You’re driving me crazy

It’s late, I’m tired and I’ve got PMS
You are putting my nerves to a test

Unfortunately, the rest of the lyrics cannot be printed. I’ve changed a lot since I penned these lyrics, thank goodness!

But I still don’t like August. 😛

BTW, I’ve lost touch with Peggy over the years and would love to catch up with her. Her name was Peggy Therese Floria, she grew up in Silver Spring, MD, and she attended Towson State University. Peggy, are you out there?


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