How to Turn an Old TV Show Into a New Movie

July 24, 2008

Last night, Dan and I had our first date night in months. It was very much needed!

After having an awesome dinner out, we jetted over to the movies to see “Get Smart.” I didn’t realize when I suggested it that Dan has had limited exposure to that series. I, on the other hand, watched it all the time when I was growing up.

I think Steve Carrell is fabulous — and have enjoyed him every since I first saw him on “The Daily Show.” Still, I was afraid that this remake movie wouldn’t do the original series justice. (Remember the Dukes of Hazzard travesty?!?)

But I was wrong. The movie was very loyal to the original series, and while it was a high tech remake, it still found a way to work in old standards from the show like The Cone of Silence and the Shoe Phone. Plus there were lots of wonderful cameo appearances, such as Bernie Koppell (who played Sigfried in the series) and Bill Murray as Agent 13. There was also a very special appearance at the end that I won’t mention because if you’re like me, you’ve probably forgotten about the character, but will be thrilled to see him.

My favorite exchange of dialog —

President: How could KAOS get hold of nuke-you-ler weapons?

Chief: It’s NUKE-LEE-AR.

All in all, I really enjoyed the movie.  What’s more, Dan really enjoyed it, and he didn’t even have any background on the show.  If you liked the series, make a point to see this excellent remake… I give it five stars!


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  1. We saw this and LOVED it!

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