Kid Therapy

July 15, 2008

I often joke about needing “cat therapy,” which pretty much consists of me taking a nap with my cat laying either beside me or on top of me. When Daisy is beside me, I sleep more soundly and feel more at peace. I don’t know why (and I’m aware that it’s a little strange), but it’s true.

Back in my single days, I was a big fan of “retail therapy,” shopping to make the blues go away. Bored? Go to the mall. Depressed? Go to the mall. Angry? Go to the mall. Shopping was the cure-all of my 20s.

And of course, there is “ice cream therapy,” which I won’t even go into except to say there is no bowl required. 🙂

I spent yesterday doing “kid therapy,” spending a day of fun activities with my kids and no one else. It’s been a long time since we’ve done this, just me and them. And after all of the headaches and worries that I’ve had the last few weeks, it was exactly what I needed.

Our first stop was a shipwreck museum that was full of treasures found on sunken ships. The owner (and primary excavator) was there, and he let the kids hold a million dollars worth of treasure! How cool is that?

After that, we had lunch at one of my favorite pizza places, then played a game of miniature golf. Sophia’s very first shot was a hole in one, which impressed everyone. A young 20-something man with a mohawk gave her a high five. It was adorable. We laughed a lot during the game, Trevor making fun of my abysmal golfing skills, Sophia teasing Trevor about how she’d gotten a hole in one, and all of us poking fun at the ridiculous dinosaur & caveman theme decorations.

After that, we headed to an arcade, where we played skee ball (my favorite) and other games. We collected 311 prize tickets which Trevor graciously let Sophia redeem for trinkets. She got a really gaudy dolphin statuette, a unicorn figurine, and a pink mermaid.

Then it was on to the candy store where I got a stick of chocolate-covered strawberries and the kids each got a new Webkinz. (This Webkinz thing is taking over my house!) He got a koala bear and she got a cocker spaniel. Normally I wouldn’t have bought the Webkinz, but we were having such a good day and I’m finally starting to feel some financial freedom now that I’m earning a paycheck every week.

After that, we rode the antique merry-go-round. Sophia was so nervous at first, she didn’t want me to leave her side, but once it started moving, she had a blast.

When we finished the carousel ride, we played around with our reflections in the fun house mirrors, then headed home. Trevor had us laughing all the way home, making up koala bear rap songs and throwing his sticky man toy against the car windows.

I didn’t look at the time or talk on the phone once yesterday while we were away from home. There was no TV or computer to distract any of us. It was just my kids and me, with not a care in the world, enjoying each other’s company. And it was exactly what I needed.



  1. It sounds like a great day Julie! I could use one of those sometime soon!


  2. Awesome!! It sounds like a fabulous day of just being together. 🙂

  3. […] Sophia attended a Vacation Bible School last week.  I was unprepared for her Wednesday morning meltdown in which she cried that she wanted to just stay home and that she missed me, and why do I have to work so much anyway?!?!  Her being at a day camp twice a week and me working three days a week is taking its toll on both of us, I think.  And yes, I definitely have mommy guilt.  It must be time for more Kid Therapy. […]

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