The Right Way

July 9, 2008

I’m feeling rather opinionated today, so here are my proclamations on the right way (aka my way) of doing certain things.

Toilet Paper should be hung on the roller with the end on the front of the roll.

Silverware should be placed in the dishwasher so that no two pieces are in the same compartment facing in the same direction.  (In other words, if you absolutely MUST put two teaspoons in the same compartment of the silverware basket, one should be up and the other should be down.)

Groceries should be placed on the conveyor belt at check out in the following order:  frozen –> refrigerated –> produce –> fragile items (like bread or potato chips) –> all other food items –> non-food items.

Paper Clips should be separated by size.  The big jumbo size paper clips can’t intermingle with the smaller number ones.

Christmas Tree Lights should be clear.  Period.



  1. 1. Yes!!!
    2. Yes!!!
    3. Yes!!!
    4. Yes!!!
    5. Yes, but I still remember how much I like the multi-colored ones of my youth. Never did like all blue!

  2. I like to put the bread/eggs/breakables last. This way it can’t get mixed in with other stuff.

    I also like the colored lights…it reminds me of my childhood Christmas.

  3. Wow! It is almost like this is MY list! Except we have multi-colored lights on one of our trees!

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