So Good I Couldn’t Wait Until Monday

June 5, 2008

I have to tell y’all about the dinner I fixed tonight.  First of all, the To Die For Crockpot Pot Roast was out-of-this-world delicious.  It was moist, it was flavorful, but best of all it required almost no effort and very few ingredients.

As a side dish I fixed Crash Hot Potatoes and they were WON. DER. FUL.   (Although to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had a potato I didn’t like.)  I made mine with Basil instead of Rosemary, and if I can ever find my bottle of Thyme which has mysteriously gone missing, I plan to try that variation as well.

Go!  Make this meal now.  You’ll be glad you did.



  1. Potatos look great. I’d even think about putting some smashed garlic in my olive oil when brushing on top for a more garlicy variety. THanks for the tips!

  2. I’d never have thought to put ranch dressing on a roast. I’ll have to try that.

    I make something similar to those potatoes. I do it in the skillet, but I bet I’d like the oven better.

  3. Oh, and we both know I am ALL ABOUT garlic. Tell Suzanne to use garlic infused oil. Sooo yummy! I make mine in the oven, heating the oil and garlic on 200 degrees for 1.5 hours. Just cool and strain to use later.

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