Bad Dream

June 1, 2008

It’s 4 AM and I’ve just had a bad dream.

In the dream, I was looking out the window when all of a sudden a massive band of trash appeared in the cloudless sky. I kept staring at the trash, trying to figure out what it was and pick out individual items. I could see pillows, mattresses, computer monitors and countless other smaller things. I was pondering how it all ended up in the sky and why it seemed to be encircling the earth in a ribbon when all of a sudden there was the most horrific cracking sound, as if the sky itself had ripped open.

The ribbon of trash turned a brilliant, blinding white, shattered into pieces and fell into the ocean. (At this point I realize I am not at home in the dream, but rather at a hotel at our local resort town.) At first I am relieved because the menacing oddity has disappeared from my view.

But then I realize with abject horror that the force of so many items being dropped into the water has created a tidal wave. We are several floors up in my dream (a detail which was not revealed until the moment) and I quickly surmise that the wave is going to engulf us. I tun to Dan to tell him what has happened.

He tells me, quietly so the children can’t hear him, that we don’t stand a chance. We are about to die and all we can do is wait for it to happen.

At that point, my brain tells me I’ve had enough of this dream, thankyouverymuch, and I wake up.

I have no doubt as to where the trash element and the “earth is protesting her mistreatment” theme came from. Yesterday afternoon I did some scrapbooking and one layout was on the ridiculous Trash People exhibit I’d seen in DC. In my journaling, I commented that many of the Trash People were composed of materials that could have been recycled — soda cans, computer parts, etc. Also, lately I’ve been wondering if typhoons, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other weather disasters have been happening more frequently. It seems like they have.

What I don’t understand is the underlying cause of the dream. Why this dream? Why now? What underlying anxiety is messing with my head while I’m sleeping?


One comment

  1. Could it be that you are already surmising that Trash does play a part in the evolving weather changes? Becuase in part of human action, aren’t we also causing nature to respond in new and different ways? Yikes.
    Or was it recycle day and y’all forgot to take it out…so it was lurking in your dark kitchen? 😉

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