Back from a Too-Short But Otherwise Awesome Vacation

May 27, 2008

My friend Noodle is absolutely brilliant.

Earlier this year, when we were trying to plan a visit and the timing didn’t work out or the finances weren’t there, she said,

“We’re thinking of taking a little vacation to Kentucky in May. Why don’t you guys meet us there?”

I will admit, I was a little reluctant. Sometimes traveling can really bring out the worst in people; many a family vacation has been ruined by spending too much quality time together. As it turned out, this was absolutely the most wonderful idea EVER and I am looking forward to the day when we can do it again.

It was an ideal situation — her kids and my kids hanging out together so that the adults could hang out together and converse. Without interruptions! No one had to cook or clean. There was plenty to do, so no one had to worry about “entertaining” the guests. We had plenty of time to talk and catch up on what’s been going on in our lives, and we even arranged it so that we each had date nights. It was perfect, really.

It wasn’t until the night before we left to go to Kentucky when I pulled out my scrapbooks that I realized it has been almost exactly four years since we last saw each other in person. Four years! Goodness, no wonder I’d been missing her so much!

Anyway, the details of the trip will follow. Kentucky was an unlikely spot for a vacation but there was quite a lot to see and do, and we had so much fun seeing and doing it. For now, it’s good to be home, even if I do have a small mountain of laundry to tackle.


One comment

  1. It was great, wasn’t it? But I’m shocked that you were reluctant! We both know I’m brilliant. 😀

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