Suddenly, It All Makes Sense

May 19, 2008

When I was a younger parent and Trevor was just a little guy of five years old or so, I would often encounter moms with older children. Children of the teenage variety. Inevitably, I would witness said teenagers disrespecting their parents, speaking to them with thinly veiled hostility, treating them as if they were the stupidest creatures to ever roam the earth, goading them into an argument, and so on. The parents would usually ignore this mistreatment, much to my astonishment.

I would think to myself, “Wow. I can’t believe they let their kids talk to them that way. And they don’t even say anything in response! They must have never taught their kids how to treat them with respect.”

Well, the shoe is most definitely on the other foot now, and I find myself receiving a lot of flack from my now almost-14 year old son. A LOT of flack. For the most part, I take a deep breath and ignore it, just like those other moms did. He’s a teenager, I tell myself. He can’t help himself. And I pretend like it never happened.

Why? Because inside, I just want to slap the heck out of him, but that would be Wrong. It would also be almost continuous.  Besides, some day, when he has teenagers of his own, I want him to say to me with all sincerity (as I have said to my parents), “I am so sorry for all that crap I put you through when I was a teenager.”



  1. I am right there with you. I used to think the same thing until recent events. It has occured to me teenagers live their lives by emotion and the are running on it like gas. What ever they think just come up and out.
    So I keep telling myself the same thing and I really hope that I get that apology too, when she gets older. Lord knows we all deserve it 😉 I wonder if I will laugh when it happens or how I will react.

  2. Ah, gotcha. Those teen years are hard — for them and for us. :-/

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