So Many Memories in Such a Little Bird

May 9, 2008

Yesterday morning Valentine was sitting in our bathroom window, gazing out at the birds with a mixture of longing and frustration. He kept making whiny little meows because he wanted so desperately to get out there and chase the birds. I stood there behind him, looking out, and a small chickadee showed up on a branch right in front of the window. This sent me down a road of nostalgia and silliness for two reasons.

First, I had to say, “Chickadee, chickadee, chickadee, dee, dee.” My dad used to say this to me because Chickadee was one of his nicknames for me when I was growing up. Sometimes he shortened it to C-Bird.

Second, I just had to say, “Hi! I’m Kate, and I am a Taurus. I love tomatoes and black capped chickadees!” because I love 80s music. And that includes the B-52s. And one of my favorite songs by the B-52s is “Song for a Future Generation,” which includes that introduction by Kate Pierson. Who is sort of my double, according to Sophia. 🙂

But best of all? Every time I said it, it drove Trevor nuts.


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