Doesn’t Work for Me Wednesday

May 7, 2008

In this week’s edition of WFMW, we are supposed to share things that don’t work for us.  Here are a few of mine.

  1. Hiring babysitters.  I’d rather rely on friends and family to watch my kids than pay some teenager whom I don’t really trust anyway.
  2. Being impetuous.  For me, a spur of the moment decision never gets more adventurous than making an unplanned stop at the grocery store (sans list) while I’m out running errands.  Those folks who can just take off on a trip without knowing where they’re going and/or what they’re going to do once they get there just baffle me.
  3. Exploring unfamiliar territory.  Taking roads without knowing where they lead, going off into the middle of nowhere… they make me kind of panicky, to be honest.  Call me crazy, but I like to know where I am.
  4. Cooking without a recipe.  I am not good at “winging it” in the kitchen.  Folks who know exactly what to substitute when they discover that they are missing an ingredient just amaze me.  Folks who can put together something just by adding this and that with no recipe at all leave me dumbstruck.  I can’t even imagine being able to do that.




  1. LOL- when it comes to cooking I “wing it” a lot. I completely agree about stopping without my lists while doing errands. Aarrgghhh!

  2. You already know that most of my cooking is winging it! 🙂

    And, um, you’re leading the vacation because I know you’re better at it than I am!

    I’m totally with you on the babysitters though.

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