What Did I Do Without Internet Access?

April 29, 2008

I watched TV.  This included:

  • a fascinating program on the garden city movement called Save Our Land, Save Our Towns.  This explains why public transportation is so efficient in England and why there are 6 to 7 parking spaces for every car in the United States.
  • Disc 3 of Firefly, our current favorite show via Netflix.  Alas, it only lasted one season but it’s so good!  We have one more disc and then a movie… then we’re done with it.  😦
  • A netflix movie called Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont.  It was so-so.

I scrapbooked. Five pages! It was wonderful to spend some time on my favorite hobby!

I went to a wedding. My mother-in-law’s wedding, to be exact. Sophia was the flower girl and Trevor was one of the ushers.  Dan gave his mom away.  I busied myself with taking pictures (roughly 100 of them).

I read. I got tired of recommending True Faced:  Trusting God and Others with Who You Really Are as a Bible study and decided to just go ahead, order it and do it on my own.  The first chapter knocked my socks off and left me reeling.  I might share a little about it when I get a little deeper into it.  I ordered the study guide to go with it but that hasn’t arrived yet, so I may wait until it does before I read any more.  Besides, I’ve got about four other books I need to read first.


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