Well, that didn’t take long…

April 24, 2008

Let’s see.  Trevor got his braces off on April 2.  He got his retainer on April 10.  Today, April 24, he threw his retainer in the trash at the school cafeteria and didn’t realize it until I looked at him at 4:15 pm and said, “Where’s your retainer?”

He has to have a new impression made, then a new retainer ordered.  Total cost:  $125.00

Two weeks!  That’s all it took before he lost it.  Two stinking weeks.



  1. If we were betting kind of folk we should have had a pool going on how long! Sigh. I’m sorry for you….but I remember doing that at least once when I first got mine back all those years ago

  2. Ugh. I lost my retainer a few times. Sadness.

  3. Oh no! You know my mama would have been calling the school, asking them if she could send me to look for it. LOL!

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