This May Be What They Call Irony

April 23, 2008

Okay, so yesterday I did my post on pride. The theme throughout, which I also used to end the post, was “It’s not about me. It’s about God….”

Then tonight, I sit down at my computer and, because I was procrastinating on doing the dishes, I Googled my blog. I typed “Multitasking Mama” into the little box on my Google toolbar and the first few hits were from a blog called Multitasking Mama. A WordPress blog called Multitasking Mama. Problem was, it wasn’t my blog.

I clicked and sure enough, there is another WordPress blogger calling herself Multitasking Mama. And — get this! — she is also a scrapbooker, SAHM, and bargain shopper.

So I went into complete neurotic meltdown. What if someone’s looking for my blog and they go there instead? What if someone thinks that she is me? Then I was angry with her. What? She’s only been blogging for three months?!?! I’ve been blogging with this name since 2005! The nerve of her, stealing my name! Then I was angry with myself because I didn’t take the Multitasking Mama domain name when I switched to WordPress. I chose gloriana instead because I was trying to evade some cyber-stalkers. (It didn’t work, BTW. They looked for my blog, found it, and are still reading to this day.)  Finally, I was upset with myself for being upset by all this.

And honestly, I’m still a little worked up about all of it. I feel like my home has been invaded, my phone tapped, my identity stolen. Maybe I’m being neurotic, but I think that most dedicated bloggers would understand.

I’ve grabbed a few new names — please take my poll and let me know what you think. And pray for me to get over myself already, because I know that in the grand scheme of things, this really is trivial. 🙂



  1. I say politely ask her to back off. A name is a name, after all.

    She might not know you are there.

  2. I only say that because i guy started receiving email to me at a gmail address, and he emailed me and said… do you want this address? since everyone thinks i’m you?

  3. This would bother me too. I think I would contact her as well and tell her. I have only been blogging for a few months as well, but I would have just assumed WordPress would not give me a name already given. Maybe she just doesn’t know. This would upset me though too. It is quite annoying…especially since you have had the name for so long.

  4. I lost the URL to your blog while cleaning out my bookmarks. So I googled “multitasking mama” too and came up with that other person’s blog. I thought it was you for a second, but it didn’t feel right. Everything was all changed for one thing. She even had your menu monday, which threw me. lol

  5. I saw that you changed the header to “the original multitasking mama.” LOL! Of the new names, I think I like themultitaskingmama best.

    It probably wasn’t deliberate on her part though. Until recently, I never would have thought to go further than just seeing if the address was available.

  6. I’d contact her and see if she is aware of the situation. If not, she might not like it any better than you do. I’d think she would prefer her own sight under a different name.

  7. Hi. Ears were burning, so I thought I’d pop in. 🙂

    Ironically – adding even more irony to the “Irony” post – prior to receiving the email (yes, she did take your advice and email me) plans have been in place to make some major changes on my blog (and yes, even a name change, but since it’s all hush hush right now, don’t let the secret out, k? 🙂 ). I’ve had some set backs, so it is taking longer than expected.

    I started blogging on February 20th of this year. Prior to that moment, it was completely foreign to me. At that very moment, I had to make a decision on a name before I could do anything else. I contemplated and wondered what would work for all the different topics and areas that interest me? I thought of Multitasking Mama, tried it, and it worked! So, here I am.

    I do apologize for the neurotic meltdown my blog caused you. I promise it wasn’t intentional.

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