They Say Everyone Has a Double

April 10, 2008

I just walked into the den to hear REM singing “Furry Happy People” on Sesame Street.  (Sophia says she is too old for the show — and she is — but with only three channels to choose from, what else is there for her to watch?)

She turns to me, clearly excited, and says, “Mom, there’s a girl on here that looks just like you!”

“Really? Show me who,” I say, expecting to see the B-52s’ Kate Pierson on the screen.  I look like Kate Pierson?  Wow! I’m feeling pretty good about that!

“That one there,” she says, still excited to be sharing this observation with me.

Care to see the woman who is apparently my spittin’ image?  Here she is:



  1. Holding your breath might give your skin that shade… but… that would be unhealthy.

  2. Well aside from the brown and not lovely green eyes I can kind of see her point… LOL

  3. Gotta be the hair….

  4. […] for a Future Generation,” which includes that introduction by Kate Pierson. Who is sort of my double, according to […]

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