Re-Entering the Work Force

April 3, 2008

Tomorrow I start a new job. I do so reluctantly, only because we need the extra money, and not because I have a real desire to be a working mom. I want to be with my children when they are not in school. In fact, I applied for the only job I could think of that would allow me to have the same schedule as my children: substitute teaching.

And now, it’s official. I am a substitute teacher. I have been interviewed, fingerprinted, TB tested, background-checked, and issued an ID badge.


That look on my face? It’s me thinking “oh no, I didn’t realize they were going to take my picture! I hope my hair looks okay. How humid is it outside today?” Then, before I could process all that and smile, *click* it was over.

Tomorrow is the first assignment I’ve accepted — a third grade class. (The first three assignments they called me with were teaching high school students at the “alternative learning facility.” Teaching full grown teenagers who have been such a behavior problem that they were kicked out of their regular school? Um, no thanks. Maybe I’ll accept those when I’m a more seasoned veteran.)

So. I am excited about this opportunity, but also more than a little nervous. Please say a prayer for me to have a positive impact on the children and a smooth introduction to this new job I’ve chosen.



  1. Congratulations, Julie! You’ll do just fine. Watch out for the high schoolers, though. You’re a mighty sexy sub! 🙂
    (And I am mean that in a friendly way…well, not a really “friendly” way…well, you know what I mean!)

  2. that’s today? right? good heavens woman. I’ll be thinking of you!

    .. and think of this .. you’re teaching Zane!

  3. I didn’t know you were applying for a substitute job!! How was your first day?!?

  4. […] I became a substitute teacher […]

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