Respectable Sin #3: Discontentment

March 16, 2008

(Third in a series of my thoughts on the book Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate by Jerry Bridges)


Right on the heels of anxiety & frustration, the author delves into discontentment. He points out that the most frequent warnings in Scripture about discontentment concern money and possessions.  In this chapter, though, he focuses on discontentment that arises from unchanging circumstances, such as marital status, jobs, infertility, physical disabilities, poor health, and so on.

I am blessed in that most of these do not apply to me and I am quite happy with my life and circumstances.  (This does not mean that I don’t have spells where I long for fewer bills to pay and a smaller pants size… I do.  But overall I feel that I am quite blessed and happy with what I have and who I am.)

Because discontentment is not something that I struggle with, I did not have as many epiphanies while reading this chapter as previous chapters.  However, there are some portions of the chapter that I want to refer back to.  For instance:

Whatever your circumstances, and however difficult they may be, the truth is that they are ordained by God for you as part of His overall plan for your life.  God does nothing, or allows nothing, without a purpose.  And His purposes, however mysterious and inscrutable they may be to us, are always for His glory and our ultimate good.

As with the sins of anxiety and frustration, this speaks to how we need to trust God in all that happens to us. Because

it is neither in resignation nor submission but only in acceptance that we find peace.


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