Look at This Stuff… Isn’t it Neat?

February 29, 2008

Noodle tagged me for the challenging “Look at This Stuff; Isn’t it Neat” meme.

The Rules:

1. Find five things around your house that say something about the person you are and snap a picture of them.
2. Tell us about them.
3. Link back to me in your post.
4. Tag five (if you feel like it) folks via their comments and tell us who you tagged.

Okay, so here are my five:

Lists. I am a list maker. Always have been and always will be. Pictured here are the ones I could find — list of articles for the church newsletter, grocery list, eBay to do list, weekly schedule, weekly menu plan, and long term to do list with calendar.


Next, my books. And these aren’t just any old books. No siree, these are my Tudor books — the books I have collected about Elizabeth I, Henry VII, and Henry’s six wives (Anne Boleyn is my favorite). This actually isn’t the whole collection, as there are two more shelves full that I couldn’t fit in the picture.  I am a hopeless history geek.


Third is my makeup. Can’t leave home without it!


Fourth is my most beautiful and loving cat, Daisy. I used to think that Daisy and I shared a special bond but since we got Valentine, I realized I’m a little kooky with all cats… talking to them, singing songs about them, having conversations with them. I’m pretty sure that when I am old and lonely I will turn into the crazy cat lady. (If I’m not already. hahahaha)


And last but not least, my scrapbooking supplies. I love scrapbooking and don’t get to do it anywhere near as often as I would like too. (I’ve always had a bit of an office supply addition, so getting to collect papers and pens is the perfect hobby for me!)




  1. Cool! I took a photo of my bookshelves too, but it didn’t make the final cut. LOL!

    Love the picture of Daisy.

  2. […] Even more specifically, I am drawn to reading about Elizabeth I and her dad, Henry VIII.  I have an entire 6′ tall  bookshelf filled with nothing but books about the Tudors, nearly all of which I’ve […]

  3. i think my cat is your cats twin

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