Stranded on a Desert Island

February 16, 2008

Recently I did one of those email questionnaires — not the kind that you answer questions about yourself, but one where you ask your friends questions about yourself to see how well they know you.

I got a kick out of reading the responses to the last question on there: “If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would you bring?”

Here’s what my friends said…

  1. Bible (twice)
  2. scrapbooking supplies
  3. camera (twice)
  4. makeup


  1. So which would you choose? LOL

  2. My Bible. It’s the only thing that is constant, yet always changing. I can read a passage many times and glean a different meaning each time. The camera would be second choice. And I wouldn’t want make up as much as I would want my tweezers. LOL

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