Down for the Count

January 30, 2008

Every five years or so I get a foolish notion in my head that I should see one of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture for no other reason than the fact that it was nominated. Because apparently the fact that I’ve never even heard of most of the nominated films isn’t a big enough clue that I wouldn’t be interested in seeing them. The sole exception was 1998, when I had already seen not one but two of the nominees — Shakespeare in Love (excellent!) and Elizabeth (a historical travesty).

So last night, I met a friend at the movies and we saw Atonement. Blech. I won’t ruin it for you in case you want to go see it, but honestly, don’t bother. It isn’t worth the $9.50 or whatever you pay.

I got home and noticed that I was hoarse, and my throat felt very dry. I told Dan that I thought I might be getting sick, and he reminded me that I’ve been saying that for some time now. (He’s right. My standard complaint since before Christmas has been, “I feel like I’m on the verge of getting sick. But I can’t seem to get better and I can’t seem to get worse. I’m stuck in health limbo.”)

At 2:30 this morning I woke up and my throat felt like it was on fire. Drainage from my sinuses. Gross. I managed to get back to sleep, only to wake up again at 3:30, whereupon I stayed up for two hours until I felt I could get some more sleep.

Today I have gotten rapidly worse, to the point where EVERY. SINGLE. PART. OF. ME. hurts. My nose, throat, head, hips, knees, ankles… even my skin seems to be sore. I’ve never gotten this sick this fast, so I am heading to the doctor tomorrow.


One comment

  1. Perhaps you are Atoning for seeing the movie?

    Nah… I don’t think it works that way.

    Feel better!

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