Urban Legends Alert: Ashley Flores, Missing Day, Evan Trembley

January 29, 2008

Are you getting a sense of how often people forward this stuff to me?

#1 implores us to look for a missing teenager named Ashley Flores. Not true! Let’s face it — if a child is missing, you’re going to hear about it on any one of a gazillion news networks… not email.

#2 announces the scientific discovery of a “missing day” which proves Joshua 10:12-13 to be true.  There has been no such discovery.

#3 is another missing child, by the name of EvanTrembley.  News reports indicate that he himself started the hoax.


One comment

  1. This makes me furious. As a mother of two boys, if one of my kids ever started a hoax such as this, I would take serious action. The boys parents should make him sit and talk with the parents of a missing child. I always Google the names of the kids when I get these emails.

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