Works for Me Wednesday: Peeling Apples

January 16, 2008


Recently, the idea of peeling apples with a potato peeler planted itself in my mind. I don’t know if I came up with it on my own, or if I read it in a helpful hints article, or heard someone say it. I’m guessing it’s not something I thought up by myself. 🙂

Anyway, my kids don’t like skin on their fruit, particularly apples. I honestly can’t say I blame them. If they’re watching, I will eat apples with the skin on so I can be a good role model and show them how grown ups eat fruit. If they aren’t watching, I will take the skin off those suckers in a heartbeat.

So, the vegetable peeler. It doesn’t have to be used on potatoes and carrots, you know. It is so much faster and easier than using a straight knife. An added benefit: If you use the vegetable peeler to peel an apple, you can end up with one long continuous peel like Meg Ryan did in “Sleepless in Seattle.” 🙂



  1. Great tip. One I can easily try. I love my Pampered Chef peeler – always sharp.

  2. I have yet to be able to peel the apple with one continuous peel. One day. One day.

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