Urban Legend Alert: Barack Obama

January 10, 2008


The latest urban legend to land in my inbox (from the usual perpetrator, my mother-in-law) could best be summarized as anti-Muslim fear mongering. It claims that Barack Obama is some sort of closet Muslim who is trying to fool the American people into voting for him so he can hand this country over to Islamic radicals.

Worse yet, one person in the string of forwards claimed that they had verified the information with Snopes, and that it was true.

But they were lying. The email is totally false according to Snopes. See for yourself here, and stop the spread of this urban legend.



  1. Found you through Robin Sampson. I got this, too! And I checked it out on snopes for myself, too! I detest these “urban legends”. I rarely pass on these “type” of emails, but one time I did. This was before I knew about snopes. It was a really good sounding one, you know. Well, I got an email back from a Bible Study teacher that it was an “urban legend”. I use snopes all the time now and still rarely, if ever, pass these on.

  2. Here’s a big one to read also

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