Resetting My Clock

January 10, 2008

Have you ever heard the story about the woman who, whenever she was fixing a ham, always cut the ends off of the ham before she put it in the pot?  One day her husband asked her why she did that and she said that she wasn’t sure, but that her mother had always done it, so she did too.She called her mom and asked why she cut the ends off of the ham. Her mother became rather quiet. She hadn’t thought about her ritual of cutting the ham being anything different then normal. Then it occurred to her that her own mother had done the very same thing for as long as she remembered. She suggested that the daughter call her and ask her that very question.

So the daughter hung up the phone and dialed her grandmother. After the usual pleasantries she asked her why she cut the ends of the ham off before cooking it. She replied without hesitation and with a little chuckle…… The reason that she cut the ends off of the ham was because back in the early days of their marriage she didn’t have a pan big enough to hold the ham. They couldn’t afford to buy a bigger pan either. So that was the only way to make the ham fit in the pan.

The moral of the story: It’s easy to keep doing something a certain way when the original reason for doing it that way has been forgotten or even ceased to exist.

Recently, it occurred to me that perhaps I should start taking my showers in the morning instead of at night. I have been taking my shower at night since Trevor was born — the only time I could be assured that he would stay asleep long enough for me to get a decent shower was at night. And since I spent most of his early years as a single parent, it was important that he not be awake and unattended.

So shower at night it was. And has been up until I started getting night sweats a few weeks ago. What a horrible experience, especially for someone like me who can’t stand to perspire! Anyway, it seemed ridiculous to take a shower even knowing that in a few hours I would wake up drenched in sweat.

So I started getting up earlier and taking a shower first thing in the morning. And what a difference that small change has made! To begin with, Dan and I have our schedules more in tune with each other. Now we are ready for bed at roughly the same time instead of him being ready to turn in around 10:30 and me getting my second wind around that same time because I’ve just had a nice rejuvenating shower. I’ve also been more productive, since I’m not spending so much time trying to wake up & get ready in the morning. (A shower makes me wake up a lot faster than blog reading.) And in general I have more energy in the morning hours, which is always a plus.

It almost makes me wish I’d started having night sweats years ago. Almost.


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