All of My Remaining To-Dos

December 17, 2007

I finally finished our Christmas cards and will be putting them in the mail today.  Yippee!  So, what’s left?

  1. Complete the five family calendars I’m making as gifts for family members.  I’m hoping that will help me meet my scrapbooking goal for the year because I am SO CLOSE that I will be crushed if I don’t.
  2. Finish baking cookies and give them out to teachers, bus drivers, etc.  Trevor told me his teachers this year have heard about my Christmas cookies and are asking for them.  I wonder if he’s just schmoozing me.
  3. Complete Sophia’s needlepoint Christmas stocking.   I started it before she was even born, nearly six years ago!  Is that pathetic, or what?  The worst part is that I have a feeling I won’t finish it this year, either.
  4. Buy two more gifts.  Thankfully, most of my shopping was done before we had to replace our boiler!

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