About That Crop…

December 12, 2007

So, this past weekend, I went to a crop at our local resort town. Resort towns are a study in extremes — so crowded in the summer that you have to fight for space to breathe, yet virtually abandoned in the winter. It’s kind of creepy.

Anyway, my friend and I got to the crop Friday evening and got settled in to our room, then started scrapping. I was pretty tired, and decided to turn in some time around 1:00 AM after completing 9 scrapbook pages. Back in the hotel room, I watched TV — cable TV! — and turned in around 1:30.

After I’d fallen asleep, I was vaguely aware of some noise at the door and before I could wake up, I subconsciously dismissed it as my roommate coming back to the room to turn in for the night. I went back to sleep without any troubles.

The distant noise at the door made me stir a second time but I was so groggy I figured it had only been a few seconds since the first time I’d heard it. I didn’t have time to consider getting up and opening the door for my friend.

“HEY!!” she yelled, from the opposite direction of the door. She was already in the room with me, and the noise at the door was not her. I sat bolt upright just in time to see her run past the foot of my bed toward the door.

“I’m from the front desk, ma’am. It’s okay,” a man’s voice called from outside the room.

Needless to say, I was fully awake at that point.

I asked her what happened and she said that she had been just starting to drift off to sleep when she heard someone trying to get into the room. She got to the door just in time to see a large male hand reaching inside to try and undo the chain that she had secured in place when she went to bed.

We called the front desk, and indeed the man who answered said that he had tried to get in our room because the system showed that the room was not occupied. He said he was trying to find another room for someone who was two doors down from us and needed to change rooms for some reason or other.

I can understand not knowing that the room was occupied. I can understand wanting to find a different room for someone who had an issue with their room. What I cannot understand is trying to undo a chain for those reasons because it seems to me that a chain being on the door would be a pretty good indication that — duh! – the room is occupied.

Yep, there I go, being judgmental again. 🙂

Needless to say, we paid a visit to the front desk on Saturday to report what had happened. Afterwards, trying to find some humor in the situation, I had to chuckle at the man’s statement, “It’s okay.” No, dear, it was most definitely NOT okay.

I got up earlier than I would have expected on Saturday morning and was tickled to find a large basket of All My Memories Uptown Chic wallets waiting with breakfast. I picked one out and set to scrapping, because Saturday was a big incentive day — games throughout the day and rewards for the number of pages done & photos scrapped.

At one point Saturday afternoon, I decided to go get something from our room, and pressed the button to call the elevator. It took an unbelievably long time to arrive. So long, in fact, that I went back to scrapping — albeit standing up — while I waited. When I got in the elevator and pushed the button for my floor, the doors closed and it slowly began descending.

And when I say slowly, think molasses.

Going uphill.

In January.

In an effort to avoid becoming panicky, I counted how long it was taking to go from floor to floor. It averaged about 25 seconds. Eventually, the elevator took me to my destination… but the doors never opened. I pressed the alarm button. Hard.

The elevator went to the lobby. Again, the doors did not open. It started going back up, slow as before and the doors still sealed shut. I leaned on the alarm button again, starting to feel claustrophobic, and a man’s voice yelled, “Hold on!”

The doors opened on the ninth floor and an Otis Elevator repairman was there. He looked at me and said, “I know. It’s slow.”

“Slow?!?!” I replied. “I can deal with slow. The doors aren’t opening!”

I got on the other elevator and went on my way. When I got back to the scrapping room, everyone asked if I’d gotten stuck in the elevator. I told them that I had, and that I was starting to feel like I was starring in a low budget horror movie.

But these two incidents aside, it was a great weekend — lots of laughter and delicious food and scrapping. I even got a 10 minute neck and shoulder massage — while gazing out at the ocean.

Our parting gift on Sunday was this matching All My Memories Uptown Chic handbag. Is that cool, or what?!?! I’ve never been to a crop where they give you real honest-to-goodness presents before! The crop cost $200 and was worth every cent.

I ended up scrapping a total of 37 pages, so I need to do 43 more to meet my goal for the year.



  1. Wow, what a scary, fun, relaxing weekend, my friend! Keep going, girl, you are almost at your goal!! 😉
    I love the presents you got, too.

  2. […] back to this month of horrors… Right after the boiler died, I went on that scrapbooking weekend where my hotel room was almost broken into at 3:00 AM and I got stuck in the […]

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