Snow Hysteria

December 6, 2007

It snowed here yesterday. The weather forecasts unanimously called for an occasional flurry with no accumulation, and high temps reaching well into the forties so that any snow we did get would be gone before we even had time to take pictures.

Well, it didn’t quite turn out that way. The high temps never exceeded 34 degrees, and we ended up with about an inch of snow.

Today’s edition of our local newspaper featured this as their front page news:

“[Area] residents are asked to continue using caution driving today after more than an inch of snow fell across the region, causing dozens of accidents and forcing schools to cancel activities, state highway and law enforcement officials said.

Sounds dramatic, no? If you live some place like Minnesota or Colorado, please feel free to laugh derisively.

We don’t get a lot of snow here, but when we do, people tend to get a little crazy. Driving 10 mph on roads that are so well traveled they are only wet, not slushy or icy… depleting the grocery stores’ supplies of bread and milk… or staying home altogether as if there were a raging blizzard outside. I am a native to this area and have witnessed this phenomenon my whole life, but I’ve never understood it.

It’s true. People here get crazy when it snows! Even my own flesh and blood:




  1. BWHAHA!! We have the same thing here! People here are so crazy when it comes to snowy/icy weather. Of course, we get way more ice than snow, but people don’t really know how to handle either.

    The BEST was when the maintenance workers at my college thought they’d get rid of the snow in the parking lot with the water hose . . . . . .

    No, I’m not kidding on that.

  2. Hahah from Minnesota; I’ll take you up on that invitation to laugh. LOL We have about a foot on the ground right now. Average is about 60 inches a year of the white stuff. Yuck!

  3. She’s such a cutie! It’s weird to think of it snowing. 2 days ago it was upper 60’s here.

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