Yet Another Reason I’m Glad I Canceled Our Cable TV

December 5, 2007

When we brought our Christmas things out of the attic, I discovered that at one of the after-Christmas clearance sales last year, I’d purchased a cute stationery set for children to write letters to Santa. I asked Sophia if she would like to write a letter to Santa and, as usual, she responded with a great deal of enthusiasm.

The stationery had six lines for children to list the items they wanted for Christmas. Sophia — the same girl who last year asked for EVERY. SINGLE. TOY! she saw advertised — couldn’t think of anything to write down. She struggled for about a half hour to come up with a list of six items for Santa to bring, and when she was done, her list included simple pleasures like a gingerbread house kit and a pink wand.

You can’t convince me that advertising doesn’t have a profound impact on children.

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  1. AMEN, sister!

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