Works for Me Wednesday: Picky Eater Edition

September 19, 2007

When I first met Dan nearly ten years ago, I didn’t eat vegetables at all. (Unless you count corn and potatoes as vegetables, which he doesn’t.) Dan loves vegetables.

Eager to please the man I love — and because I had a young child to model good behavior for PLUS the added bonus of a family history of colon cancer — I decided to start at least attempting to eat vegetables.

It was not easy. And to be perfectly honest, it still isn’t. I just don’t like veggies, but I have come to consider eating them an unpleasant-but-necessary part of life as I am getting older — like mammograms, dental floss, and colonoscopies.

Go ahead, check my weekly menus. You’ll see something green listed with every meal.

The only reason I am able to choke down vegetables most of the time is because of a lovely product by McCormick called Vegetable Supreme. I don’t want to sound like Lucy, but the answer to all my problems was in that little bottle! I just sprinkle it on whatever cooked vegetables we happen to be eating and voila! they taste pretty good. (Or at least acceptable.)

So, if you or someone you love has a hard time eating vegetables, give it a try.







  1. I’m with you. I gotta force myself. Ugh. lol

  2. I love veggies, and this stuff is awesome!

  3. I am going to buy some of these to keep on hand when we are trying new vegetables or the ones that we don’t have very often – like Brussel sprouts!

    This is a great tip – thanks for sharing!

  4. I was just certain you were going to suggest butter…. that’s what works for me. 🙂 I’ll have to look for this product. Thanks for sharing.

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