Goin’ Radical

March 30, 2007

I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Conviction, perhaps, or just being sick and tired of the worldly attitudes that are so pervasive nowadays. I’m still on the fence about homeschooling Trevor, but seriously leaning toward doing it. And now, I’ve made another radical decision:

smashyourtv.gifI’m canceling our cable TV subscription.

I’m watching most of the shows that are worth watching via Netflix DVD anyway… so why pay $55 a month for something we hardly use?

Sophia would be just as happy watching a Full House DVD or animal documentary as she would watching network television. Trevor hasn’t had TV privileges in ages due to poor grades, and Dan and I hardly ever watch TV before 11:00 pm, when we tune in to Comedy Central for the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert news hour. And half the time, we end up falling asleep while those shows are on.

I had been on the fence on this issue too, but this morning something pushed me over the edge. While Sophia and I were getting dressed in my room, I had the Today Show on. Generally in this half hour, they do fluff stories — human interest type stuff — so I don’t mind having it on while Sophia is around. If it was hard news with pictures of casualties in Iraq, for example, I would not have it on.

This morning as I was doing Sophia’s hair, they were doing a story on Bob Barker and I thought it would be harmless enough, maybe even interesting to Sophia, since he’s a big animal rights advocate. The piece referenced an appearance that Barker made in the movie “Happy Gilmore:”

If you don’t feel like watching the above clip, here’s the gist: Adam Sandler kicks Bob Barker to the ground, then looks at him with a self-satisfied grin and says, “The price is wrong, b*tch!” Bob Barker retalliates and calls Adam Sandler the same name.

Huh? When did that word become okay to use on TV at 8 o’clock in the morning? Or at any time of day? I felt like washing Sophia’s ears out. I’m calling the cable company later today to cancel our subsciption. I’ve had it with television, commercials, etc. We will still get three channels without cable (one of which is PBS), so we won’t totally be without. I truly believe that other than a very occasional twang of regret, we won’t miss it at all.


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