A Little Less Green

March 28, 2007

Today I finally got my new countertop! Wah-hoo! Overall I am very pleased, with one minor exception. The ugly green cabinets make the countertop look sort of pink. My summer DIY project, therefore, will be re-doing the cabinets so that the countertop looks like the lovely, neutral earth tone that it is.

Here’s the pictorial of what happened today.

First the installers took out the cooktop and the sink. Then they started chipping away at those old ugly tiles.


Some of the backsplash tiles fell off, but I wasn’t concerned. First off, I plan to change that eventually anyhow. Second, I have a lot of clutter to block the bare spots from view. Here’s what it looked like when the entire old countertop had been removed.


Next, they brought in the new countertop and set it in place. There was no hole cut out for the sink and cooktop; they had to do that afterward.


And then, once they put the sink and cooktop back in, it was time for me to put all of my stuff back. Here’s what the kitchen looks like now, or at least a small section of it:




  1. Love the lead light on your windows Gloriana. I actually like the olive green cupboards too but I agree they don’t work well with the new benchtops. And you’re probably sick of looking at them anyway so bring on the new. Good luck with the rest o fthe installation.

  2. […] that’s well worth it.  We’ve been in this house over 5 years and up until I got the new countertop, I haven’t had the nerve to change anything other than the paint.  Now I’m finally […]

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