On My Mind

March 23, 2007

I have a bunch of questions running through my head this morning. Unfortunately, they are all questions for which I will probably never get answers. For instance:

John Edwards continuing his presidential campaign even though his wife has been diagnosed with incurable cancer that has spread from breast to bone and possibly to the lungs as well. I wonder if Elizabeth Edwards really wants him to continue his quest for the White House while she faces this terminal illness.

I’m sure that she told him something like, “Go on, honey, stay in the race — it’s important, it’s your dream! Don’t give up on your dream just because of me.” Or something along those lines. But is that what she really wants/needs? I just don’t know if I could be woman enough to say, “Oh, don’t you worry about me. I’ll be fine. You go on and work 20 hour days and travel all over the country. I can hold down the fort here at home while I’m getting my chemotherapy treatments.”

Don’t get me wrong… I like John Edwards. Anyone who announces his candidacy on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is great in my book… but I wonder if he isn’t being just a tad bit selfish, maybe even foolish, in pursuing this campaign when his family is certain to face a very difficult time in the next few months/years.

Maybe I’ll share some more of the things I’m pondering later. Right now, it’s time to go meet hubby for lunch. 🙂


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