Yep, She’s My Daughter

March 20, 2007

This afternoon, Sophia wanted to sit on my lap but I was experiencing a rather bad pain in the neck/shoulder area and didn’t relish the thought of lifting 45 pounds of squirmy little girl and trying to keep her on my lap. I suggested that we snuggle up together while laying down instead, and she thought that was a grand idea!

So we went back to my room, turned on the TV, and got cozy. I started flipping through the channels to find something that she would enjoy and when I got to the presentation of ammolite jewelry on the Shop NBC channel, she ordered me to stop.

“I wanna watch the jewelry, Mom!”



  1. Such a “girly girl”!

  2. i like a baby alive i wish to santa i have a baby alive ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
    bye bye

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