Easter Candy

March 20, 2007

Hands down, my very favorite Easter candy of all time is Hershey’s Robin Eggs.  Not any other brand, and not the scrawny malt-deprived Mini Robin Eggs.  The full size version.   When I was a kid, I would lick the candy shell and rub the egg across my lips like it was lipstick.  You just have not lived until you’ve had big ole bright blue lips on Easter morning.


Well.  For the past two years, I have searched in vain for these confectionary masterpieces and have been unable to find any but the mini version.  I bought a bag of Brach’s version of the Robin Egg and they were nowhere near as good (or as colorful), evidence of which is that I still have most of them here.

I was beginning to think that they had been discontinued, so I Googled them.  Found a toll free number for Hershey and called.  They are still being made!  Wa-hoo!  I’m going to look for them at the drugstores in town (the CSR recommended checking there) and if I find them, I’m gonna have some lip-painting fun.  Maybe I’ll even share a picture.  hehehe


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