Scrapping Update

March 17, 2007

Well, I’ve just spent what seems like a very large chunk of time deleting my scrapbooking blog. The blog was getting comment-spammed a lot, which left me with the undesirable options of either allowing the spam to stay in place for all to see, or deleting the comments one by one.

So… since I’ve been lacking material here, I figured I should just post my scrapping news on this blog anyway.

Last night I held a scrapbooking night at our church and did 7.5 pages, which puts my year to date total at 42. (Page total updates are being tracked in the sidebar. I’m shooting for 300 pages this year, not necessarily because I believe it’s an attainable goal, but because I did just over 300 pages last year what with all the Disney photos I took.)

Here’s one of the pages I did last night. It’s Sophia playing at being a paleontologist at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.


One comment

  1. This layout makes me feel very nostalgic. My daughter was determined to be a paleontologist from when she was 6 until she was about 14. She decided on this career path before Jurassic Park came out and most people had never heard of the word. Fortunately, given the number of career opportunities in paleontology, she ended up on a completely different path and is now a web designer.

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