I Still Don’t Get It

March 16, 2007

Call me culturally deprived, but I just don’t get modern art, as evidenced by my reaction to this display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art a few weeks ago.

This morning I ran across an artist‘s web site.  Apparently he’s doing a series of Gummi Bear sculptures, including a chandelier (yes, really) and this bear skin rug:


I do think this is pretty clever because it’s a bear skin rug made from Gummi bears.  (Hahaha Get it?)  Certainly, there is no denying that it’s well done. But check out what the artist said about this series:

In this series, I explored the relationship between food consumption and class. The bright colors and soft texture of children’s snacks construct a romantic scenario which draws my attention to the dangerous ingredient behind them. By rearranging the embellished snacks in the forms of luxury commodity, I wish to pose the questions: Who consume these foods? Who has the choice to choose?

Huh?  Are Gummi Bears really that deep?  I don’t think so.



  1. lol…gummy bears not that deep

  2. OMG that’s soo awesome!!

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