Why This Blog Has Been Sucky of Late

March 1, 2007

I haven’t been writing as much here because my photo blog has been taking most of my energy and I am struggling just to get that one done every day. But also, there is so much going on that I just don’t have much to write about.

I know, that sounds contradictory, but I’ve been so consumed with (A) trying to get my kitchen ready for the new countertop, (B) finalize the Pampered Chef show I had here on Tuesday, (C) get the church newsletter done, (D) prepare for a little mini-vacation we will be taking soon, and (E) trying to do eBay work [deep breath] that I just haven’t had time to do anything interesting. Shoot, I haven’t even had time to read about anything interesting.

My countertop was supposed to be installed on Wednesday. Lowe’s called me Tuesday afternoon to ask if they could deliver the countertop then because it was “really big” and the contractor didn’t think he could transport it. Um, no, I said, because I was having a cooking party in about four hours and seeing as how the kitchen was sort of necessary for that, it was out of the question. So the contractors showed up Wendesday morning bright and early, sans countertop, and proceeded to examine their work site. They fussed at me a bit for not allowing the countertop to be allowed the day before. (The nerve!) Anyway, when the countertop was finally delivered, the contractors decided it was too big to even bring in the house, and that it had to be re-ordered. Ugh. Certainly not a big surprise, given my previous experience with them, but a bummer nonetheless.

The Pampered Chef party went well — we sold about $700 in products, which entitled me to a bunch of free stuff. Almost too much free stuff — I’ll never need another thing again! I’m not complaining though, mind you.

As for the rest of it, I’m still plugging along. I’ve hit a few thrift stores this week looking for new stuff to put on eBay and hit it big today with a store that was selling all of their clothes for 25-50 cents. I scored a pair of children’s Land’s End snow pants for 25 cents and a woman’s LL Bean winter coat for 50 cents. I absolutely love thrift shopping!


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