Strange Obsession

February 23, 2007

I am almost embarassed to admit this in a public forum, but I have just ordered this DVD set from Amazon:


Worse yet, I’ve sent out a Freecycle message asking members of my community to please let me have (or at least borrow) any old videos or DVDs they may have of the series.

Why? you may wonder.

One day a few weeks ago, Sophia wanted to watch TV but most of the shows on were for older kids. I asked her if she wanted to watch Animal Planet, which she usually does, but not that day. So, I was flipping through the channels trying to find something that Sophia would watch and I landed on ABC family, which was showing “Full House,” the Bob Saget show from the late 1980s.

Something about that show (I think it was the youngest girl played by the now-scary Olsen twins) really struck a chord with my little girl, and now she is hooked. The first thing she asks me when she gets up and wipes the sleep from her eyes is whether or not “Full House” is on. Unfortunately, most days it does not come on until 3 PM and since she doesn’t have a full grasp on the concept of time, the question is repeated several times until the show is, in fact, on. Similarly, whenever I tell her we are going out to run errands, she has to receive assurance that we will be home in time to see “Full House.”

This afternoon we took a nap, since we were both a bit grumpy and tired. Alas, we woke up too late to see “Full House” today, which means she will have to wait 17 more hours before she can see it again.  Oh, the agony!  The despair!  The tears!  What I thought was just a temporary interest in something new & different (at least to her) is now a full blown obsession. Hence my Amazon order. Because I just don’t want to deal with that irrational, over-emotional melodrama ever again. (Bad mommy.)


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