Totally Predictable but in the Most Beautiful Way Possible

February 18, 2007

Tonight I sat down with the family and watched “Facing the Giants,” which we’ve had in our house for over two weeks but haven’t been able to find an opportunity to watch.


I just knew from the get-go that the underdog team would win, the infertile couple would conceive, and in short everyone’s life would be turned around by the end of the film. I thought it was kind of cheesy that the soccer player, who was too small to be on the team as anything other than a kicker, would be named David (and in the big game, he has to kick the winning goal to defeat the opposing team — the Giants). The acting was horrible, and you could tell that the “stars” were not professional actors. Oh, and I also hate football, a game which I’ve never really understood.

That being said, it is an absolutely must-see movie. I have never seen so many examples of grace and beauty and truth combined:

  • The old man who comes to the school every day to pray for its students and delivers a word of truth to the coach just when he most needs to hear it.
  • The wheelchair bound dad who went to every game to cheer on his son.
  • The boy who interrupted his dad’s business meeting to tell him that he had turned his life over to God and that from now on, he would respect his father’s authority.
  • The nurse at the OB/GYN office who wanted a woman to be pregnant as badly as the woman herself wanted it.
  • The story about the two farmers who prayed for rain… but only one went out and prepared his field to receive the rain.

But most of all….

The message that we must do our best, and leave the rest up to God, because with God all things are possible.

One comment

  1. I knew you’d like it. :o)

    Now watch Flywheel. I thought it was even better!

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