Six of one, half a dozen of another meme

February 2, 2007

6.gifLifted from my friend Karen…

Name six things in your refrigerator:

  1. Diet Pepsi Jazz Black Cherry French Vanilla, my new favorite soda
  2. coffee
  3. industrial size ketchup, mainly for Sophia
  4. antibiotic for Sophia’s latest ear infection
  5. cheese — Swiss for Dan, American for the rest of us
  6. Sunny D

Name six things in your freezer:

  1. Eggo waffles that no one will eat
  2. Toaster strudel that no one will eat
  3. ice cream
  4. ice cubes (there’s a shocker)
  5. frozen veggies
  6. hamburger buns

Name six things under your kitchen sink:

  1. Endust
  2. Cloth diaper
  3. dishwasher detergent
  4. bubbles
  5. ziploc bags
  6. Allen wrench for fixing garbage disposal

Name six things around my computer:

  1. a folder full of scrap paper for Sophia
  2. Bath & Body Works body butter (fresh vanilla scent)
  3. contact lens rewetting drops
  4. the arm that broke off our nativity’s baby Jesus
  5. a William Shakespeare rubber duck
  6. a clip that holds appointment cards

Name six things in your medicine cabinet:

  1. Thermoscan ear thermometer
  2. pain relievers
  3. elastics for Trevor’s braces
  4. contact lens case
  5. Cola syrup
  6. Band-Aids

Name six things on or around your nightstand: (don’t have one, so these are on/around the dresser)

  1. hot rollers
  2. makeup
  3. jewelry boxes (I just realized I have three, yet I rarely wear anything other than rings!)
  4. eyeglasses
  5. feather headdress from the Renaissance Festival
  6. collection of Cherished Teddies figurines — King & Queen of hearts (Dan and me) plus Trevor and Sophia.

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