Dealing with the Paparazzi

January 27, 2007

I once saw a T-shirt for scrapbookers that said, “My kids think I’m the paparazzi.”  I had to laugh at that because it is so true! There are times when my kids just get sick and tired of having their picture taken.

Today after I picked Trevor up at school, he called his dad to tell him that (Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!) his current algebra grade is a B. He chatted with Dan for a few minutes as we negotiated our way out of the school parking lot and to the gas station down the street. As I was getting out of the car, he handed the phone to Sophia so she could talk to him too.

Interesting things happen when you leave two children alone in a car and you can’t hear what’s going on inside. (The gas station was playing “Boogie Wonderland” over the speaker, and I was getting my groove on.) It gets even more interesting when one child is trying to have a very adult-like conversation on the cell phone and the other child grabs mom’s  camera and starts goofing off with it.

After I filled my tank for $35 ($1.99 a gallon — again, Hallelujah!) and got back in the car, Trevor showed me what he had been up to. Here’s the trio of photographs he snapped. I love the third one because it’s so easy to tell what she’s thinking (and probably saying!).


I’m still ROFL over that!

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