It’s My 7th Anniversary

January 2, 2007

anniversary.gifSeven things I love about Dan:

  1. …the way he can crack jokes and BS all the way through a Trivial Pursuit game, to the point of making me call him a big boogerhead in front of other people.
  2. …the way he tells me I’m beautiful just after I’ve waken up and I feel about as pretty as roadkill.
  3. …his generosity with time. If someone is talking to him and he is supposed to be someplace else, he will not rush off. He gives people his full attention.
  4. ..his loyalty.
  5. …his willingness to try new things and go new places.
  6. …the way he laughs.
  7. …the way we understand what the other is thinking even without verbalizing it.

Seven things Dan and I have done since we got married:

  1. traveled to England and Canada, as well as numerous locations within the US
  2. made our family whole in the eyes of the law by having Dan adopt Trevor
  3. made our family bigger by adding Sophia to the mix
  4. said a final goodbye to relatives we love — his father and my grandparents
  5. changed churches
  6. moved to our dream home
  7. purchased new vehicles

Seven things I want to do with Dan in the future:

  1. travel extensively in Europe
  2. enjoy having an “empty nest”
  3. learn to speak Italian
  4. see New England in the fall
  5. grow old together
  6. start and end each day together with a hug & kiss
  7. continue to fall deeper in love each year

One comment

  1. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to #5 for a very long time!

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