December 28, 2006


Trevor got an iPod Nano for Christmas and I spend a good chunk of the day today trying to figure out how it works. You know you’re officially middle aged when the latest technology has surpassed your ability to comprehend it.

Anyway… I think I’ve almost got it figured out. I accidentally loaded a bunch of worthless crap (even to me) from my computer onto the iPod and now I have to get it off of there. I’m pretty sure Trevor isn’t interested in yodeling tunes. (Thank you, Dan C!)

In the mean time, I’m noticing all of the i-everything merchandise now. iHome, iFlop, iGear, iThis and iThat. The mind boggles. (Or mine does, anyway.) Off to delete some files…



  1. I got an iPod Nano for Christmas too! Took me 2 days to figure out how to use the thing… After you get the hang of it, it’s really easy though.

  2. Oh good, there’s hope and alternate folks to ask for help when I get into mine!

  3. Yodeling music! I can’t believe you kept it that long! LOL!

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