A Half Dozen Bits of Random Stuff

December 27, 2006

I can’t think of a single coherent blogworthy topic, so here’s a bunch of random stuff running through my mind…

1. eBay is having a 15 cent listing day tomorrow. Looks like I’m going to have to put an end to my blissful vacation and restock my auction/store inventory. Ugh.

2. A friend of mine had a disappointing Christmas. Her mother (who is visiting from out of town) let the children open almost all of their presents while she and her husband were still sleeping! The kids opened the presents from Santa and from their parents without the parents being there to see their faces light up with joy. Can you imagine? I don’t know if I could be civil about that!

3. I’m watching this show on Discovery called Man vs. Wild. After seeing this guy jump in frigid water, strip naked in the snow, and eat practically anything he can find (including maggots and an uncooked fish!), I’ve realized that I would never survive a day stranded in the wilderness. Also, I think this guy is nuts. That, or he’s paid extremely well.

4. Did you know that the parade floats for the Rose Bowl parade must have 100% organic decorations? And that the decorations aren’t removed & disposed of until months later? I just learned that today, while watching Dirty Jobs. Poor Mike was not a happy camper. Usually he’s pretty good-natured about doing all sorts of disgusting things, but not in this episode. And I couldn’t blame him — they didn’t even give him a mask, and the mold was hideous. I think my allergies may have flared up just by watching.

5. Speaking of which, I do believe I’m getting my annual Christmas cold a few days late this year. Last night I spent 2 post-midnight hours trying to deal with an annoying post-nasal drip and cough before being able to go back to sleep. Today I’ve had sinus headaches. I’m doing Zicam and Vitamin C and praying that whatever it is will either progress quickly or go away.

6. Feeling poorly did not keep me from hunting for bargains today, though — I went to Ollie’s, PetSmart (for a return), Target, Michaels, and Barnes & Noble. I made most of my purchases at Target, who has already started moving in the Valentine’s merchandise (!) and as a result, has good markdown prices for the Christmas merchandise.


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