Christmas Spirit

December 24, 2006

Sophia surprised me yesterday by announcing that she wanted to buy Trevor a Christmas present. So today, I told her that when I finished baking some cookies, I would take her to the dollar store to go gift shopping.

She got a piece of paper and a marker and started making a list of gift ideas for Trevor. She walked through the house and snuck into his room to get ideas of things that he didn’t have or did have but might want more of. Here she is with her list (the lines next to the words are so she could check off the items as we found them):


Hard to see in the photo but her list had four items — rainbow ball that lights up, Legos, markers, and an umbrella.

The Dollar Tree had light up balls, but it wasn’t exactly what she planned to get. After a few minutes of cajoling, I persuaded her that the one they had was just as good as what she wanted to get. No Legos or cheap knock-offs, so she picked pseudo-matchbox cars instead. The markers were easy to find, we got a pack of 20. Then we wandered through the store looking for an umbrella.


We couldn’t find an umbrella anywhere. We were halfway down the next to the last aisle when I stopped to look over the scrapbooking supplies. She saw some Yu-Gi-Oh stickers and grabbed them as a suitable gift for Trevor.

At checkout, she decided to get something for Daddy (dark chocolate M&Ms) and something for herself too:


The reindeer headband had her prancing around and singing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” during the entire check-out process. The twenty-something copuple behind us was ever-so-amused, and the guy even commented, “Man, she’s really rocking out!”

It was a fun shopping trip, and I was so proud of her for her unprompted generosity toward Trevor. I hope he appreciates her gifts, not for what they are but for why he gets them. 🙂

PS Yes, okay, I admit it. I bought two packs of paper for myself. Is there a 12 step program for paper addiction?


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