Works for Me Wednesday: Martha, Martha, Martha

December 13, 2006


I am not a big fan of Martha Stewart. (And even if I were, I’m not sure if I would admit it.) But I saw Martha for a brief moment on the Today show this morning and she had one killer of a tip for Christmas tree trimming.

(drum roll, please!)

Use green florist wire to hang your ornaments. Secure one end of the wire on the ornament and twist the other end of the wire onto the tree. Tightly. Why? Because that way, curious toddlers and rambunctious pets can’t knock your ornaments off of the tree and onto the floor.

Brilliant, isn’t it? Since my tree is already trimmed, I can’t exactly say that it works for me, but I will be sure to do this next year!



  1. Ooh! One of those simple but brilliant ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve also used pipe cleaners (aka chenelle stems) to hang my ornaments. Thats’ what we used at the store when we decorated fro Christmas.

    The only bother is taking everything off the tree.

  3. I use paper clips, because you can bend them around the ornament & the other end around the branch. No sharp ends.

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