Like a Moth to the Flame

December 2, 2006

Lately, I’ve been getting that feeling that most women experience when their youngest child is starting school and becoming more independent — that warm and fuzzy feeling that says, “I want another baby,” even though every rational-thinking part of you is screaming “no!

I, however, am of an age where I know better (and I’ve had my tubes tied) so instead of baby lust, I started having puppy lust. I decided that I wanted to get a puppy, and Dan and I even spent one date night sitting on the floor at Barnes & Noble scouring the dog breed books. (My favorites: the Bulldog and the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. His favorites — because he doesn’t usually do the vacuuming: Chow Chows and Collies.)

I temporarily lost my sanity this afternoon when I decided it would be a great idea to take both of the kids out to the Humane Society to check out the dogs. You know, for research purposes. ::rolls eyes::

I come from a long like of suckers animal lovers who find it very hard to resist the temptation of bringing home animals to love and care for. Almost every pet I had growing up was abandoned, injured or pregnant when we got it. The high point was when we had 2 cats and 4 dogs in our house.

I’m no different. Heck, the whole reason Daisy came to be our pet was because she was trying to get into the Salvation Army thrift store one cold December night as I was walking out with Trevor. I picked her up to keep her from going in the store and the next thing I knew, she was rubbing her face up against my cheek and purring so hard her whole body vibrated. She was in sad shape, too — scrawny and dirty, with a case of ear mites. Trevor started asking me if we could keep her and I pretty much said yes right away. Because I was rescuing her from a life on the streets and all.

So, you see, I had absolutely no business going out there today to look at dogs. I eased myself into it, and we went in the cat room first. There were all sorts of cute cats, including a really playful black kitten that was just adorable but probably too rambunctious for my taste. There was a second cat room adjoining the first, and in the second room, the cats roam freely without any cages. There is a window in between and one cat kept looking at me and meowing at me through the glass. I put my finger up to the window and it started rubbing its head against the glass, following my hand wherever I put it. Cute, but I was resisting temptation! Besides, we were there to look at dogs.

(Long ago, I decided that once Daisy is dead and gone, I would get another cat — either a black cat like the one I grew up with or a gorgeous Siamese. This cat was a rather unattractive cross between a tabby and a calico. Sort of gray tiger striped with random orange blotches. Not a pretty cat.)

We moved on to the dog area. Woof Woof WOOF! First of all, they were so loud and obnoxious (and stinky). Half of them were pit bull mix which scares the crap out of me, and I just felt uneasy with most of them. I realized that no matter how much I liked the idea of having a dog as a family pet, I am just not a dog person.

So we were on our way out and for some STUPID reason, I said, “Let’s go in the cat room again.” We went in the room where the cats were not caged, and I bent down to pet one of the pretty kitties. Within seconds, I felt a little bit of presssure on my back that told me one of the cats had stepped off of the window perch and onto me! I didn’t move, because I didn’t want to risk getting clawed as the cat gripped on, and before I could ask Trevor to help remove the cat from my back, it laid down! I had been claimed as this cat’s furniture!

Trevor scooped the cat off and handed it to me — it was the same splotchy cat that had been looking at me through the window. I petted her and she was just so loving and so sweet — my insides melted.

So I did what any cautious woman would do. I put the cat down and focused my attention on other cats. But this one came over and tapped me on the leg with her paw as if to say, “Excuse me, but I’m your cat and you need to be paying attention to me, not them.”

Well, how could I resist? But since I didn’t want another cat who loves me and hates barely tolerates everyone else, I asked Trevor to hold her for a bit. That cat curled up against him, put her head on his shoulder and went to sleep!


At that point, both kids started asking if we could take her home. I inquired at the desk and was told that the paperwork for the cats in that room was locked in someone’s office and she wouldn’t be back in on Tuesday. The cat wants us; we want the cat.

All I have to do now is convince Dan. 🙂



  1. Truly how can you ignore the “claiming” this cat has done to your family! Kinda cute. As my husband said about getting cats by predetermined look criteria is not always the best policy (aka—don’t go get a white cat just ‘cus it would look so cute with the black one at home). Go for personality, loveability and of course who can resist the one who knows you are the one…. Good luck

  2. ummmm….you went to get a dog, right?! maybe wait and check out somewhere else later….of course, i am prone to dogs! i love the beagle in our apt complex downstairs. so cute, so fat and so sweet. stays inside and loves small children…think about it. a sweet little chubby puppy with a cute little face, saying please love me, i love you! ;0)

  3. Loved your story!

    Our first cat claimed me.

    He saw me working sitting at the table inside the house one evening at dusk, believe it or not, and repeatedly jumped up at the patio door.

    He just kept jumping until he was let in.

    Now we do live on a housing estate and we thought this must be someone elses cat.

    We spent a lot of time asking around, we advertised as well, but in the end we decided that he was just not from the area at all, and we adopted him.

    We never found where he came from, but he was always so affectionate and a lovely cat. I guess we will never know – he has died now.

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