Dan, Dan, the Possum Man

November 29, 2006

My husband tends to go a little overboard some times.  Often, I’ll ask, “Honey, why are you doing that?” and his best response is, “Because I can.”

Case in point:  Not too long ago he discovered that a young possum had made a home for itself in our shed.  I will start off by saying that I have no idea what I would do about that situation, and I’m glad that I didn’t have to figure it out.

What Dan did was set up a live trap to catch the possum.  It worked, and he took the possum and set him free in the woods.  But not before taking it to work and showing it off to his employees, one of whom actually fed the possum a cookie.

So, with that adventure over, we had a few wildlife-free days here.  But for some reason, Dan decided to set up the trap again and see what happened.  As you may have already guess from the title of this post, he caught another possum.  This one was slightly larger, older and decidedly more put out by the whole cage experience.  Plus, he didn’t get any cookies.




He didn’t play dead, but he did hiss quite a bit and let out a possum stink bomb.   If it weren’t for that (and the rat-like tail), he’d really be rather cute.

I’m wondering why we have experienced so much wildlife this year… first a bat, then a snake (found in the kitchen, no less!) and now possums.  It’s not like we live way out in the country … we’re actually only about a mile from a major highway, and our street is even well traveled, usually by cars exceeding the speed limit.  Dan and Sophia are getting a kick out of all these Animal Planet type encounters, but as for me, it’s starting to bother me a little.


One comment

  1. Was it ED? Did he feed the possum? He always feeds my kids cookies when they visit!

    PS The possum is rather cute. You could probably just keep the possum and forget about the pup. 😉

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