That Can’t Possibly Taste Good

November 27, 2006

When Sophia started eating solids, we offered her a variety of condiments in which to dip her food — you know, to heighten the eating “experience.” For a time, she absolutely loved dipping toast in apple butter. But once she tried ketchup, nothing else could compare.

My girl puts ketchup on everything. And no, I am not exaggerating (at least not by much). She puts ketchup on her eggs, on sausage, on broccoli, on macaroni & cheese. She even put ketchup on fresh strawberries one time. I nearly cried.

So it was no surprise (but still somehow shocking) when she requested ketchup at the Thanksgiving table on Thursday. She then dipped everything but her sweet potatoes in it before eating — her green beans, her baked potato salad, even her turkey and gravy. And apparently ketchup is just as good on leftovers as it is on the primary meal, because I offered her some turkey and gravy for lunch today and she requested ketchup to go with it.




One comment

  1. Ewwwwww!! You know how I feel about that red non-food. :o)

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